Caravaggio Room, Rome Fucina Architettura

Our Caravaggio room is much smaller, more personalized and intense. The red Padouk wood surrounds us at the entrance and brings out the brass of the wires in the curtain that divides it from the vestibule. A cannetté plaster encircles the room, the boiserie has a contemporary feel inspired by the nearby Temple of Hadrian with its columns incorporated into the building: to an observer inside the room it feels like being surrounded by a colonnade.
The bathroom is covered in rich polychrome marble that speaks of Africa, Italy and France and is defined by its white marble lines, material typically used in Roman buildings redesigned in a modern key. The double sinks and the double showers give the idea of ​​freely sharing intimacy and space, while the Padouk red cannetté WC gives a hint of the 60s with Japanese design influences.
The round satin brass sink, with a chromed interior, is custom made as is the revolving brass diamond cut mirror in front of the window;  modern Italian elements are transformed into contemporary luxury.
The wall full of photos of Cinecittà and the feathers resting on a sculpture remind us of the culture of innovation and rebellion of the 60s Rome, lived with joy and strong character. Opposite, there is an iron side-table covered in gold leaf, as was typical for furniture in Italy in the 1950s, with a cipollino marble top The table sits under a display of abstract Human Body photographs, captured especially for the room and hung on the cannetté plaster wall to create a behind the scenes feel with the design and allow the guest to feel part of the actual architectural creation.