Presidential suite Micol Fontana, Rome Fucina Architettura

The suite creates a unique bedroom/living room environment and is characterized by a classic plaster architecture and staggered oak tile flooring from the early 1900s that seems to be its original flooring restored. It evokes an elegant atmosphere in a classic typical Roman context. The furniture, added in the Modern Age, dates back to the Italian design of the 50s and 60s: it reflects the Roman “dolce vita” period, recalling the great masters, such as Gio Ponti with the super light chair, Albini and his bookcase, the armchair by Ico Parisi, the lamps by Angelo Lelli, redesigned adapted to a large building. The iron furniture, on the other hand, reflects the French influence, ever-present in Rome, with the four-poster bed, stripped of its curtains, which it remembers through extra-large tassels entwined around the top of the frame, enhancing the idea of Roman abundance in contrast with the light and minimal style of modern design; allowing a few swirls to reappear into the design with joy and warmth.
Wood and brass give the room a strong character by finishing the furniture and expressing, with their materiality, the Italian artisan work that makes this interior unique. Furniture, plaster frames, wooden boiserie, sofas, armchairs and carpets are custom designed. You enter the room with a set of keys, just as if it were your own home and you find yourself in a bedroom that has the flavour of a living room with a fireplace. This familiar and elegant environment conceals many luxurious comforts thanks to hidden technology, such as a television placed behind the mirror, that is visible only when turned on.